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At Towels N More, we offer the best products for your business at the lowest prices. We offer wholesale towels and bulk towels in a variety of styles, colors, weights, and quality. We offer economy and luxury towels in 100% cotton bath towels in bulk and polyester blend wholesale bath towels, hand towels, washcloths. Buying towels in bulk is easy at Towels N More. Our wholesale towels are used by hotels, motels, gyms, fitness clubs, athletic facilities, salons, spas, medical offices, clinics, restaurants and more. We offer best price wholesale bedsheets, pillowcases and towels. Towels N More wholesale towels and linens are imported directly from overseas so there is no middle man cost.



Bulk Washcloth 12×12 1 lb with Cam Border


Wholesale Bar Mop White – 16×19 – 31 oz


Wholesale Bar Mop Blue Central Stripe – 16×19 – 31 oz


Wholesale Bath Towels 22×44 – 6 lbs


16”x27” Hand Towel 2.6 lbs 100% Cotton

$7.99 $6.99

Wholesale Bath Towels 24×48 – 8 lbs


Wholesale Bath Towels 24×50 – 10 lbs


Wholesale Bath Towels 27×54 – 14 lbs


Washcloth in Bulk 12×12 – .75 lbs No Cam


Twin Flat Bed Sheets T-180 – 66X104


Standard Pillowcase T-130 – 42×34


Standard Pillowcase T-180 – 42×34


16”x27” Hand Towel Blended 3 lbs


12”x12” Washcloth 1 lb Blended Cam Border


Twin Fitted- Wholesale Bed Sheets- 39x75x12, T-180


27”x54” Oxford Imperiale Bath Towel 17 lbs RS


16”x30” Marbella Hand Towel 4 lbs Ring Spun

$18.99 $15.99

24”x48” Bath Towel 8 lbs 86/14 Blended


16”x30” Hand Towel 4 lbs 100% Cotton

$13.99 $11.49

27”x54” Oxford Gold Bath Towel 17 lbs BLN


27″x54″ Bath Towel 17 lbs 100% Cotton

$51.99 $42.99

16”x27” Hand Towel 2.75 lbs Black Ring Sp


16”x27” Hand Towel 2.75 lbs Brown Ring Spun


16”x28” Bleach Proof Hand Towel 3 lbs Black


16”x28” Bleach Proof Hand Towel 3 lb Burgndy


24×48 Blue Center Stripe Towel 8 lbs 100% Cotton


27×50 Oxford Imperiale Bath Towel RS 14 lbs


27×54 Oxford Gold Bath Towel BLN 13.5 lbs


20×30 Classic Bath Mat 6.5 lbs 100% Cotton


20×30 Bath Mat Blended 86% Cotton 14% Poly 7 lbs


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