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About Towels N More

Towels N More is a direct importer, distributor and wholesaler of bulk towels, linens and washcloths. We wholesale bulk towels and linens direct from manufacture to your institutes. We committed to providing our customers with a wide selection of premium and economy towels at incredible discount pricing. Towels N More customers include businesses such as hotels, spas, salons, hospitals, nursing homes. We also service to other enterprises that need a reliable relationship with a wholesale towel supplier.

If you’re looking for the quality, value and service, contact Towels N More customized service and a large selection of bulk towels.


At Towels N More, we stock a diverse selection of Hotel towels, SPA Towels, GYM Towels, Salon Towels, Bed Sheets, Pillowcases and many other types of bulk towels. We distribute to hotel, hospital, nursing homes. Order plain white towels in bulk, or choose bleach-resistant towels that look great and stand up to repeated washing. Choose among a huge range of economy, deluxe and premium towels in several sizes. At Towels N More, we have the products your business needs to operate smoothly and efficiently.


Durable and Absorbent :— Ordinary towels break down after repeated washing. But at Towels N More, we know commercial towels need to be extra durable without losing any of their absorbency. Towels N More towels come in multiple weights and colors, but they keep their shape, softness, fluffiness and good looks after multiple washes. From hotels and spas to fitness centers and car washes, our bulk towels are absorbent and durable.


Soft and Fluffy: — Towels N More imports only quality towels to stay soft and fluffy, through wash after dry after wash. Your customers will love wrapping themselves in freshly laundered towels that pamper tender skin. Give your customers the luxury experience they deserve with towels from Towels N More.


Affordable:— You can find affordable towels that are durable, absorbent, soft and fluffy at the Towels N More. You’ll find tiered pricing based on how much you need and what type of product you want. We also package every order tightly so you’ll save on shipping, too. Order today and they’ll be at your doorstep fast.


High in Quality — White economy towels. Black towels. Colorful towels. Striped towels. Fingertip towels. When it comes to selection and quality, Towels N More is a direct importer and supplier, no middle man cost so our price is unbeatable, our towel manufacturers create the products you need with the quality you expect.Towels N More is your home for value, quality and service.



When you choose our wholesale towel company, you’ll not only get quality towels at bulk pricing — you’ll also benefit from fast shipping and secure payment! You can even pay for your wholesale order using PayPal, so your shopping process is as easy as possible. If you have a great experience with Towels N More, tell us about it and leave feedback on our Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn pages!

Make Towels N More your home for wholesale towels today!

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